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Our drink tumblers are fully double insulated stainless steel, they may be used with hot, and cold drinks.
- We have a wide variety of different designs, genres, and sizes for all occasions and holidays, birthdays, vacations, summer time, & events.

- Drink tumblers include a plastic washable straw, and a clear lid with a slider, for locking shut to help prevent spills.

- These are Not Dishwasher Safe, Hand Wash Only for longer lasting design and insulation. This is due to the double wall insulation, it will damage over time with heat expansion. Also after a few years of using them in a Dishwasher design may fade. 

- We also do custom orders , and we can personalize these drink tumblers for you upon request. With your name or with your favorite image.

-Feel free to chat with us or message us on Facebook to set up a custom order.

Dad W/S Tumblers
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