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 -Our Beer Can Glasses they come with a bamboo lid & clear straw. They may be used with hot, and cold drinks i.e. ice coffee, adult drinks, water & more.

-They range in size from 16 oz.  

- We have a wide variety of different designs, genres, special occasions, holidays, birthdays, vacations, summer time, & events.

-  Glass Beer Cans, include a plastic washable straw, and a Bamboo Lids.

- These are Not Dishwasher Safe, over time the design may come off due to the high heat of the dishwasher.

- The lid's and straws Are Dishwasher Safe. 
- Contact us through Chat or DM us on Facebook for all custom orders. 

- Customize them with your name, logo, or favorite saying & image. 

Coffee Glass Cans
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